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Anthony (Tony) has built a career in B2B sales, sales leadership and marketing over more than 30 years, working for companies ranging from early stage start-ups to global market leaders. From large organizations, where he led national teams producing hundreds of millions in profitable revenues, Tony learned and developed sales process, sales methodology, CRM technology analytics to improve sales velocity and Omni-channel marketing strategy. From start-up organizations, he learned business agility, nimbleness and creative thinking which facilitated the building of scalable sales teams producing annual revenues of tens of millions from zero.

Over the years, Tony has become recognized as a Sales Velocity Improvement expert as well as someone who can recognize, attract, develop and inspire top-notch sales talent. His focus on sales process improvement, particularly in the areas of hyper-targeting, next-level Discovery methodology, sales insights through data analytics, and negotiation strategy and tactical deployment has allowed Tony to drive rapid and profitable growth in a variety of B2B industries.

Educated in England with a BS in Mathematics, Tony came to the US to obtain professional-level sales training and develop his career. During his early career, he learned from various sales methodologies provided by some of the true early adopters. Since then he has continued his learning, adding additional methodologies to broaden his knowledge base, allowing a multi-faceted perspective when helping clients understand their current sales process and how to best align it with today’s new buying processes. Tony is a high-energy, strategist with the tactical ability which “gets it done!”

Tony lives in Saint Charles, IL with his wife of almost 20 years. He is an avid auto racing enthusiast following the Formula1 and Formula-E classes while also driving his own fully race-prepared sports car on the track whenever he can find the time. He follows English Premiere League Football (soccer) and supports his life-long team Manchester United.

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