Here’s a follow on voicemail from the original voicemail

Note: we have never purchased anything from this company yet they are our “trusted source.”



Now we are receiving this voicemail. The voicemail itself is not terrible, but it has to make you wonder about the cost-effectiveness of their sales system. I cannot imagine the cost of a live person making calls with a .000000001% chance of a sale being the best sales system?

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Trevor Foster April 5 at 7:14 pm

Sounds horrible this gentleman new known of this information he was trying to sell

Trevor Foster April 5 at 7:16 pm

I cant see why you say this is not bad. One should always practice before calling on a new customer.

Richard Picher April 10 at 9:06 pm

First voicemail , poor language skills and no real message.Second voicemail some improvement with call to action, but still no creativity or enthusiasm that makes me want to return call.

Denice Bailey May 4 at 12:56 pm

Oh bless his heart…you can’t hear or identify a hint of an introduction to his USP or CTA to tease the prospect. Coupled with it sounding too scripted, he’ll be lucky to see his dialing rates to connect rate even worthwhile. Let’s not even discuss a dial rate to a confirmed appointment.

Steve Good July 29 at 9:48 pm

First step should have been to remove the marbles from his mouth, have a clear message in mind and speak slowly.

Steve Good July 29 at 9:59 pm

Why use a few words when a lot of words will do?
Remove the marbles and speak slowly while enunciating a short prepared message. Leave your name, telephone
number asking the client to return your call, so that you can share some very valuable information with them. i would
discourage the suggestion that anything is free. It gives the perception that, because it is free, it might be worthless.

Brett Holtom August 12 at 5:49 pm

Phone skills and a quick answer are obvious but where that call goes is more important. I’ve taught a class for years to sales people called (Phone Voices). Simply put most people enjoy hearing a happy positive voice and others answer “ Yeah or What” Being able to mimmick another’s voice octave is the key in getting someone’s attention.
I apologize for the book but this subject is where so many people fail because they lack the Phone Skills needed that will connect you to the decision makers.

Happy dialing and Smiling ☎️📞

Brett Holtom August 12 at 6:16 pm

Poor guys voice was quivering plus you never try to sell or explain business details within a message. He had no authority or confidence to garner credibility. D+ at least he tried

James Thomas September 4 at 8:19 pm

I do not teach Sales Reps to “sell” anything to a robot (voice mail system)


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