Brian Cowell


Crystal Lake, IL

With a proven track record of success and over 30 years of sales leadership experience, Brian has directed global sales and project management teams in North America, Europe and Asia.  His highly successful methodology of building proven and repeatable processes that integrate sales, manufacturing and project management earned the trust of industry-leading global companies generating new sales growth totaling over $487,000,000 and counting.  Brian works with company owners and key decision makers in a diverse assortment of industries to help drive double digit improvements in profits and sales performance and is currently authoring a book about developing and launching new technology.


Brian believes that every small- to mid-sized business can achieve strong and sustainable results if given the proper guidance, resources and tools to make it happen.  Brian is a licensed Fractional Sales Executive who leverages the 6-Step SalesQB™ Path To Growth Process.  Company owners and decision makers with sales forces of 0-10 people hire him to help map out and implement a customized sales process and playbook with proven and repeatable results that win more profitable deals.


Brian is ready to help you improve your sales process. If you are serious about growing sales and want to find out more about SalesQB, fill out the form below. We can arrange a short Virtual Coffee meeting to see if there is a mutual fit.  We’ll also send you a complimentary copy of our valuable report titled, “9 Hidden Costs of Under-managing Your Sales Team” as our way of saying “Thank you” for taking this important first step toward the success of your business.

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