How It Works

Your Customer Visit Your Website

They Interact Live With Our Chat Agents 24 x 7

Our Chat Agents Answer Sales & Support Queries

You Are Notified Of Sales Leads Instantly via Email, CRM and Mobile Apps

How We Understand Your Business, So We Could Efficiently Do Our Job For You!

We are a team of live chat professionals with the objective of having a good grasp of your entire business, including your website’s structure and content. Before your service goes on live with us, we assure you that our staff in charge of handling your account is fully knowledgeable about your business.

We always begin by studying and developing a solid base knowledge of your FAQ’s — with the most commonly asked questions that your visitors usually have in mind. As we do this, we will simultaneously refer any leads and inquiries that we deem urgent and would need your utmost attention. We will also establish role-playing as a tool to assist us to improve the system. We will have a continuous learning throughout the account’s life cycle.

Knowledge Base and its role

Our role is to develop a Knowledge Base (FAQs) which is a stored database of all the most significant inquiries that are being asked or requested by your customers – whether new or existing ones, even visitors. As our web chat agents would make use of the database as complemented with the comparative responses against those questions you’ve provided, these agents will easily do the same as they come in contact with your visitors and customers. We will be available to help you out in forming your own Knowledge Base.

We also simulate actual work situations so we can learn the software. Doing this can function mutually for both of us – we will refer to you directly all leads and questions that would need handling at your end. As we go through the collaboration, we will continuously learn and acquire the expertise on the account and aim to be seamless subsequently in all aspects of your business.

Our Training and its Benefits

Our capable Training Team will teach the web chat agent with everything he needs to familiarize himself with: products or services, features and pricing as well as other areas like return and discount policies. The team’s goal is to guarantee that the web chat agents are competent and empowered to fulfill all customers’ demands in their interactions later on.

The duration of training period that we do for the web chat agents depends largely on the industry that we need to cater. We will ensure the web chat agent will be equipped with all the skills he needs to be able to delight your customers. A total excellent customer experience is what we want to guarantee to your customers.

Handling different types of Chat Queries

What we do with sales will depend on your specifications. You can ask us to answer basic questions and escalate sales leads to you at real-time. Or perhaps, we can give initial information to prospects and refer them directly to a sign-up form in your website.

If the chat requires more details, we automatically use some of the following options:


OPTION 1: The 80-20 principle, which means 80% of your questions, can be replied with automatically; the remaining 20% should be escalated. We will collaborate to create an internal knowledge base that has all the elements: inquiries, replies and processes. This is like having the most skilled sales associate in your website 24×7.


OPTION 2: For those looking for product support, especially with technical concerns – we can always refer them to a listing of manuals found online. We will assist them in finding the exact URL and navigate through it without a glitch. For those with You Tube videos – we can guide them to your You Tube channel. As we do not have an extensive technical expertise, we can always assist people to obtain the right information. Or we can get the client’s details and revert as soon as his inquiry or concern is escalated. We will have to assure him that his concern is being attended promptly.


OPTION 3: For those needing technical assistance, we can always refer them to a troubleshooting guide to check and go through. If this doesn’t work, we can always ask a technician to visit the customer’s place/site. We will ask the visitor/customer if they would like to talk the problem first with a technician over the phone. We will constantly assist them with a warm, friendly chat service.

We speak your brand like we own it

We care about your brand as much as you do – and we encourage our agents to think of themselves as an extension of you and your brand. Our enthusiasm for and commitment to leaving your customers with a positive impression is genuine and contagious!

Our brand training initiatives are developed around the brand personality you have established. Agents are immersed in all aspects of your company, products, solutions, the associated benefits, and competitive advantages. Because the more our agents know how your brand would respond in different situations, the more natural and fluid they can be in speaking as your brand during customer interactions.

Our in-depth training program and detailed quality assurance processes ensure we deliver great service that matches your brand’s voice and company values. This also fosters customer loyalty and improves our success with up-sell and cross-sells because we know what’s important to your customers.