Chris Owen

Portland, OR

With nearly two decades of experience, Chris is a seasoned sales executive with experience in sales management, sales process implementation, customer success, and sales development. He is focused on helping small and medium-sized companies maximize their sales potential by installing a proven and repeatable sales process to increase productivity and profitability. Where there’s a challenge, he relishes the opportunity to draw a roadmap to results.

Growing up in a small Willamette Valley town, Chris learned the value of hard work early in life from his family. He began his career in sales fresh out of college, working hard to hone his craft, allowing him to rise quickly to manage a multi-million-dollar weekly revenue sales team. Sales management and sales development quickly became passions as he led teams to double-digit growth year over year. Through the years, Chris has worked with companies in diverse industries including technology, consumer goods, construction, healthcare, SaaS, B2B, fleet sales, insurance, and more. Combining this diverse experience with his homegrown work ethic, he is comfortable putting in the effort to develop an effective and steady sales process in any situation.

Always seeking a challenge, Chris has helped companies in all phases of their business development. He has thrived helping start-ups and young companies create their sales strategy, processes, and pipelines from the ground up. He has vast experience hiring, training, and developing new employees. More established companies experiencing challenges or wanting to grow further also offer a rewarding and engaging challenge. Chris is exceptionally proud of the times he has walked into a struggling company and helped be an agent of change to pivot them from floundering to high levels of success. Adept as an analytical thinker, he evaluates situations to best shift processes and cultures to create renewed and lasting growth. He also loves helping established, successful companies and individuals through ongoing mentorship. In all areas, his trademarks are increased profits, customer retention, client referrals, and a sense of optimism for the business and owner.

When Chris isn’t busy helping businesses and sales teams thrive, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Fisa. They love to travel, soaking up new cultures, and enjoy theme park hopping to find and ride the most exhilarating rollercoasters. They also enjoy spending time outdoors in the beautiful Pacific NW where Chris indulges his passion for nature photography. While at home, Chris enjoys reading, personal development, spending time with his cherished dogs and cats, and being an avid sports fan. He is exceptionally proud to serve his Portland Metro area community as a sports official, as well as through various local volunteer and charitable organizations.

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