Jane Powell

Tampa, Florida

Jane Powell is an executive with cross functional leadership experience that improves outcomes for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Her unique background has provided her the privilege of leading business development teams, mentoring others to higher levels of performance and developing effective processes across multiple domestic and international markets.

Jane’s practical, hands-on experience across multiple industries has provided her with a perspective that resonates well with others. In addition, her formal sales training has allowed her to hone her sales and business development methodologies to a science. When you engage with Jane you will gain insights into these hard-learned lessons and practical ways to improve your ability to increase revenue.

When organizations engage with Jane and her team to improve their sales, they get more than a clearly defined sales process. With coaching and mentorship, the entire team gains a clear understanding of their responsibilities, methods of encouraging and desiring positive accountability, and the ability to clearly communicate their progress in the sales cycle. With Jane’s coaching and mentorship, sales managers learn to be mangers of a proven sales process that yields reliable and scalable results. Successful clients that institutionalize this see sustainable, scalable and profitable sales results.

Jane’s journey from a small town in Oxford, NC to an active member of the Tampa Bay business community has provided her with a depth of experience that can benefit your organization. Her ability to assimilate ideas across industries and from her diverse background will provide you with strategic insights impossible to find elsewhere. Her passion is helping you solve your business problems by combining your people, with proven processes that can scale quickly with technology.

Jane is also an active leader and member of multiple networking groups including IAMCP, TBTF, CIO Xchange and Security Anonymous. She also gives back to the community through her Non-Profit PWN4PWN, a support group for people with narcolepsy.


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