Jules Paquette


Edmonton, Alberta

Jules Paquette is a serial entrepreneur who has worked through all the stages of business development from start ups to large multi-national organisations. He has been involved in all aspects of the growth of a B2B business, including finance, operations, HR, sales and strategy with a lot of focus on national and international markets.

Jules has a science background, studying geography, biology and remote sensing, working for various governmental organisations in Canada in the environmental and natural resources fields in the early years of his career. He then moved on to managing engineering systems for a multi-national passenger train manufacturing company where he was responsible for the development, configuration and deployment of the engineering solutions used by over 1000 engineers globally.

This experience led to the creation of Borealis in 2005 where Mr. Paquette was founder and CEO until 2015. Borealis is a software development company that provided social responsibility and environmental management systems for the mining and oil & gas industries. This solution is implemented in over 25 countries mainly in North America, Australia, Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. The company grew from a staff of 2 initially to nearly 150 and was among the fastest growing tech companies in Canada for 3 years in a row.

Since then, Jules has been working with many small- and medium-size businesses to develop their business strategies and manage operational challenges focusing on sales and business development.

He is currently involved in a new business venture, developing a new cloud-based transactional system for the transportation industry.

Outside of his professional career, Jules is an avid mountain climber with lots of time spent in the Canadian Rockies, the Alps, as well as the Andes in South America. He is also a proud father of 3 beautiful children to whom he conveys his passion to discover their world.


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