Module 14

Using the TTI Toolkit

salesQB makes a significant investment each year to have the entire TTI testing library available to our team. There are dozens of instruments available including:

  • DISC
  • PAIV (Personality, Attitude, Interests, Values)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Sales Aptitude (it’s not the best test on the market but it’s much cheaper (about $22 currently)
  • Stress Indicator

We recommend you check out the site to learn more about the tools available. As a member of our team, you can piggyback on our license and attend any “insider” TTI conference or training.

If you want to use the TTI toolbox, here’s how it works:

  1. If you will be consistently using the toolbox, we can set up a sub account with your own login. If you will only occasionally use the tests or will only use one instrument (DISC, sales assessment), it will be easier on everyone to set up 5-10 test links for you without a separate account.
  2. To give clients access to tests, you set up a web link from the admin panel.
  3. Please, note, there is no charge to set up a link. We are only charged when the client completes the test.
  4. We recommend you copy yourself on the output so you will not need to chase them from the client.
  5. From your account, choose the test you want and “Set up Link”
  6. Follow the steps which are self-explanatory. The only tricky step is expiration date. If you leave this open, you could be charged for tests two years from now. We recommend setting an expiration but adding some time as clients may be slower to complete the test than you think.
  7. We also recommend NOT using the individual link feature. The advantage of this feature is that it is one link per test/person and you will not have anyone forwarding a link and running up your bill. The significant downside is that you have to track which links have been used and send individual codes to each person. In our mind, it’s better to limit the number of tests in the link (which can be increased later) knowing that you may have to pay for a test or two where a link is forwarded.
  8. We recommend marking up the tests. Current pricing is $36 for DISC/PAIV combo, $25 for EQ, $24 for DISC, $22 for sales assessment, $15 for Stress. TTI recommends $75-$150 per person per test that also includes a personal coaching/debrief. We recommend a group training using the TTI PowerPoint where all participants have taken the assessment before the workshop. $100-$150 per participant with a $2500 maximum is the going rate for this service.