Before you begin

These video files are VERY large and we have stored them on Amazon’s super-fast servers. However, when we have several new trainees, everyone is pinging the same files. If the server is going slowly, please follow these steps:

  1. Do NOT keep refreshing the screen. This makes it worse by using even more resources from the already-taxed system
  2. When you go to a new page, wait 30 seconds before hitting play.  This will allow the video to buffer in the background and allow for smooth playing.

Getting Started

Download Detailed Training Overview


Module 1a

Module 1b

Module 1c

Marketing Philosophies

Module 2a

Module 2b

Marketing Quick Start

Module 3

Module 3-1

Ongoing Marketing

Module 4

Sales Process

Module 5-1

Module 5-2

Module 6

Audit Debrief

Module 7

Potential Objections

Module 8-1

Module 8-2

Module 8-3

Module 8-4

Beginning the Engagement

Module 9

Following the Roadmap

Module 10

Upsell Opportunities

Module 11

Client Retention

Module 12


Module 13

Supplemental Materials

Technology Primer

Sales Virtualization Module 1

Sales Virtualization Module 2

Sales Virtualization Module 3

Sales Virtualization Module 4

Sales Virtualization Module 5

Creating a PRSP

Client Presentation of SalesMap