Mark Taylor


Chicago, IL

Mark has held sales and marketing leadership roles for more than two decades.  During that time, he has successfully created and executed numerous strategies designed to generate leads and promote significant sales growth in the B2B and M2M channels.  Clients included Global, National, and Regional Brand Owners in food/beverage, industrial, and CPG verticals to name a few.  His specialty is developing and optimizing sales process that can be repeatable, sustainable, and measurable to maximize long-term success.

Mark was originally from Iowa, where he grew up on a farm near the Des Moines area.  He was transferred to the Chicago land area about 20 years ago and resides in the western suburbs with his wife.  His three grown sons are also in northern and central Illinois.

One thing that motivated Mark  to become a Fractional Sales Manager was having the opportunity to share his skills and experience along with the Sales QB methodology to help improve other people’s business and aid in their success.  Many small businesses may not have the resources to spend on high-level sales leadership or any sales leadership for that matter.  Having the ability to fractionalize his time, Mark will provide you with the best sales practices of top companies, develop a customized strategy for your company, and help guide your sales team through successful implementation, and it will require only a small fraction of the resources that would be spent on a full-time sales manager.

If you are challenged getting the sales growth you want, and don’t seem to have enough time to manage it properly, give Mark a call. He might just be able to help.

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