Below is a follow up letter to an prospect introduced by a referral partner.


Thank you again for the opportunity to present the SalesQB process and your consideration of a potential engagement with Concord Sales Leadership.

Based on our discussion it certainly appears ControlAir’s business is sound and your sales organization and processes are in great shape. However, my experience is that no company is perfectly situated regarding competition, distributor relationships or sales skills.  I would ask you to consider “What are the 2 things you could do better or that need attention in the next three to six months?”  This could be areas that would benefit from sales or business expertise, a fresh strategic viewpoint or simply additional experienced resources.

My clients don’t always start with the Sales Best Practices Audit. I add value to their business by addressing the company’s most pressing needs.  As VP & GM for North America at Peak Technologies Group, I had the lead responsibility for integration of 5 acquisitions as part of a major roll-up strategy.  This included integration of 5 organizations, consolidation of the sales teams, rationalization of product lines, and cross training of the Sales and Tech Support teams.

I welcome any discussion on how my expertise could add value to ControlAir.

Best Regards,

Scott Arnold, CEO