Will Traylor


Denver, CO

Story is the most powerful mechanism in marketing. Every company must have, and every sales rep must tell, a compelling story.

Will wasn’t a natural sales person when he began his career, and that was a good thing!   He is a scientist by education and a bit introverted by nature.  These natural tendencies required a good deal of personal growth and evolution to excel at sales.  Contrary to the stereotype, his approach proved a good fit for complex B2B sales.

Leaving a comfort zone is a catalyst for growth.  Will learned to manufacture sales wins through process and planning; not unconscious ability or individual swag.  This experience provided insight into teaching others to sell, optimizing sales teams, developing a sales plan, and proved invaluable in his managerial roles.

Will believes the purpose of sales management is to constructively affect human action.   It is the right human actions, carried out by individuals, that will change the current situation for one that is more favorable.  Companies can develop sales acumen through process and coaching!

With a diverse background and over 20 years as a Sales Director, Sales Manager and Corporate Accounts Specialist, Will has gained insight into the challenge of implementing a functioning sales program.   He is proficient in various environments such as life science, industrial, medical, SaaS, building materials, and the sales process in the not-for-profit space.

He especially enjoys coaching average reps to become high performers and connecting the sales process to other integral business functions to improve overall company performance.  This includes the successful implementation of selling processes, selling tools, implementation plans, training programs, and CRM systems.

Will earned a BS in Medical Technology from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  He held various laboratory positions before landing his first sales role.   He furthered his formal education with a Graduate Certificate in Sales and Sales Management from Ball State University.


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