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About Sales QB

Founded in 2002, we help companies with 10 salespeople or less radically improve their sales by:

1 ) Placing one of our top-notch sales management pros as your outsourced sales manager

2 ) Following our Roadmap to Guaranteed Growth. This six-step process includes: Sales best practices audit, Increase lead generation efficiency, Create a “proven & repeatable sales process” for the company, Leverage technology, Improve sales management by installing one of our seasoned sales managers to you, Improve individual salesperson performance through coaching, management, and training.

The Benefits of How a SalesQB Can Be

Your True Partner & Grow Your Business 

A Process that Works

A SalesQB typically brings proven, tested sales processes from diverse industry backgrounds. This can expedite sales growth and efficiencies, eliminating the trial-and-error period often associated with full-time hires who may require time to establish effective strategies.

Access to a Team

When hiring a SalesQB, you also get to a whole team of experienced sales professionals, instead of one individual. This allows a diverse range of strategies, insights, and skills to be deployed, enhancing sales performance and scalability.

Proven Experience

A Fractional Sales Manager from SalesQB with proven experience brings diverse industry insights and tested strategies, enhancing sales performance. Unlike full-time hires, we provide immediate expertise without the need for training, accelerating results and reducing the time to achieve sales objectives.

Diverse Perspective

A typical SalesQB, working with multiple companies across industries, bring diverse perspectives to sales strategies. This broader view fosters innovative approaches and solutions, outperforming the potentially narrower perspective of a single full-time sales manager limited to fewer experiences.

We Know Tech

A SalesQB, with exposure to various sales environments and technologies, is adept at identifying and recommending the most effective sales technology. We bring a broader perspective and experience to technology selection and implementation than a single full-time hire.

Accountability Plan

A SalesQB brings an objective, performance-focused approach to creating and managing accountability plans for sales teams. With broad experience, we can set effective metrics, monitor performance accurately, and drive improvements more effectively than a single, less-experienced full-time hire.

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