The conventional sales wisdom says that increasing sales is best accomplished by improving the quality of the sales team. For the Fortune 500, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in training, recruiting and paying top-tier talent is a viable strategy.

Bad Voicemails Installment 14

As you listen to this inaudible message, keep in mind it's a cold message. We had no idea who the person or company was, but after this winning message, we sure called them...

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The Sales Manager Must Be a Magician

ie  you can know the move/play, but you have to be able to do it.....oh yeah......hoodini did the old "escape from the straighjacket know the trick, but have to be...

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The cost of sales person generated leads

If you are like most businesspeople, you have a bias towards salesperson generated leads. After all, a salesperson can do many things that marketing, the Internet, or appointment...

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Ride Along Evaluation Form

We have had many requests for a ride-along evaluation form. You can download one here courtesy of Sales Benchmark Index. ride-along-evaluation-form

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The 9 C’s of Selling – Part 3

Selling is a tricky game wrought with traps. Below is part 3 of the nine Cs of selling. These should steer you in the right direction and away from potential traps. Courage You...

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