The conventional sales wisdom says that increasing sales is best accomplished by improving the quality of the sales team. For the Fortune 500, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in training, recruiting and paying top-tier talent is a viable strategy.

New lead sources are long shots

I'm not a gambler, so I have not bet on a lot of horse races. But when I do, I rarely bet on the 50-to-1 shots. Sure, it's great when they pay off, but they rarely do. I'm...

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More sales requires more leads, right?

The short answer is no. We have hundreds of examples where sales have been radically improved with no additional leads. Occasionally, leads can be reduced, and sales increased....

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Have you heard of “narrow scoping?

"Narrow scoping" defines a problem by restating the problem as a potential solution to that problem. For instance, "we need more sales" may be the stated problem when the actual...

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Is there a hole in your sales bucket?

There’s no point pouring water into a leaky bucket, just as there’s no point pushing more leads into a leaky sales system. Most companies start with a well-designed and tightly...

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What is reverse lead engineering?

It’s natural to assume that more leads will equal more sales. It usually does. However, more sales may not equal more profits. Transactions drive costs, and the more transactions...

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