The conventional sales wisdom says that increasing sales is best accomplished by improving the quality of the sales team. For the Fortune 500, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in training, recruiting and paying top-tier talent is a viable strategy.

So We’ve Got Vaccines, Now What?

The last year has been a challenging experience for every industry and profession worldwide - but especially to the sales profession.  Let’s take a moment to look back on what we...

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Lessons learned from Andy Reid call

The score was 22-17. Just over a minute left in the game. 4th and less than 1. Henne lined up in shotgun. Everyone’s thinking the same thing. Hard count, try to get them to jump...

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What’s Happening to Your MQLs?

The most effective revenue organizations have marketing and sales teams that work together. But these two functions are too often siloed—marketing drives MQLs but they fall...

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Does the word accountability feel like a cuss word in your company? When you think about the times you have heard about accountability it probably has been with the words like...

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Sales Management Quotes

Here are a few quotes on how others define the role of a sales manager:   “A sales manager can have a narrow or a broad spectrum of responsibilities including the following:...

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How COVID-19 may change sales process

McKinsey recently surveyed 3600 business decision-makers and found some interesting results. You can see their infographic below, but the most interesting point is the importance...

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