How We’re Different

If you are like most business owners, you have already tried to improve sales by:

  • Training sales reps
  • Hiring supposed superstars
  • Stepping into a sales role because “no one does it as well as you”
  • Adjusting the sales compensation system
  • Getting the sales staff to work harder
  • Hiring better staff
  • Trying to improve marketing

These worked a little but not a lot, right?


Our method ditches these incremental solutions and instead:

  • Creates a proven sales process that improves all salespeople
  • This sames sales process also reduces dependence upon your sales superstars because YOU own the system, not them
  • Increases lead generation using our Solomon’s Sales System
  • Creates a lead scoring and pipeline management system
  • Uses technology best practices to increase conversions and lower sales costs
  • Avoids the over-simplistic solution of “fire all these losers” and keeps your existing sales staff intact
  • Focuses on individualized salesperson coaching vs. general sales training

We understand that every company’s product, marketing and sales team is unique. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your process and see if the SalesQB Fractional Sales Management™ system can improve your sales.  Please complete the form below for a complimentary 15 minute call to benchmark your sales process and learn more about how we have helped companies dramatically grow sales.


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