Catch the Fractional Sales Management™ tidal wave!

Every small sales force has a problem – a diseconomy of scale. That is, there is no cost-effective way to manage a small sales team. A fractional sales manager™ solves this profit leak permanently.


How to become a certified sales consultant

Many sales professionals have dreamed of breaking away from the corporate grind. As corporations continue to devalue the role of the highly-paid sales superstar, there's never been a better time to create a sales consulting practice. But where do you start?


What niche will your practice serve?


How will you generate the right leads?


Will you just wing it on gigs, or do you need a system to structure the engagements?


Do you truly want to be on your own, or would you like to be on your own but not alone (i.e., part of a larger group/system)?

If you are serious about creating a successful sales coaching/consulting practice, you will either need to create all these materials, systems and processes, or you can plug into someone else's system.

salesQB offers skilled sales pros an opportunity to leverage a plug-and-play business model to quickly launch a sales practice from a "kit" that contains thousands of years of collective experience and is ready to use. Get more clients quickly and avoid the hassle of creating hundreds of support tools.

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Create your own sales consulting practice with the salesQB Fractional Sales Management System

We offer a robust training system to teach you the salesQB fractional sales™ operational and marketing systems. Create or grow your sales management practice.

Plug into our proven lead generation, marketing, and delivery systems to learn a proven sales coaching system.


We offer a robust training system to teach you the salesQB fractional sales™ operational and marketing systems so you can quickly start your sales consulting practice.


You will be on your own but not alone with weekly office hours, individual coaching, and best practice updates. It's a sales consultant program in a box.


Help companies grow using our sales performance system. Image retaining clients for decades as you continue helping them grow.

There's no need to recreate the wheel. Download all the templates, contracts, infographics, decks, ad slicks, email templates, and more from our database.

Sales mentoring program available for all sales coaches. salesQB is the most complete sales consulting license program available.

Imagine the prestige of being the best sales coach in town? Your talent + our sales consultant system creates a successful sales practice.

What salesQBs say:

I tried something like salesQB a few years ago and could only build half of a practice. I realized I was missing a complete system and some key tools. By accessing the salesQB toolkit, I have successfully filled my client roster.

Corky Stewart


I quit my job to do this and I couldn't be happier. I have a full slate of recurring clients and make more from just one multi-day client than I made at my job.

Melanie French


I was nervous about going out on my own, but the training and support I'm received made everything easy. I'm proud to say I am making more than I've ever made and having more fun too.

Paul Bilodeau