Tim Mata



Tim Mata has over 26 years in sales execution and leadership. He has a clear understanding of the modern sales climate and wants to help small business owners navigate those challenges by applying his expertise alongside a proven and repeatable program offered through SalesQB.

He brings sales experience and management best practices from global organizations such as IBM, to established SMB’s, and innovative startups. Tim now wants to utilize that experience to help small businesses owners compete and win. In fact, he’s had the unique experience of joining an organization that earned 18 million in 2008, and then soared to 2 billion in revenue by 2019 during his 11 year span at Splunk. He held both sales and leadership positions during this unicorn growth.


As a leader he’s helped execute sales strategy’s that put a focus on process to achieve success. He knows the importance of aligning company objectives and strategic goals with sales leadership guidance and oversight. Tim has implemented the latest technologies to improve sales and marketing efforts. He also believes in utilizing a common sales language to improve customer engagement , pipeline management, and forecasting. Through proven sales techniques and methodologies Tim will help design and implement a strategy to train, coach and improve your individual contributors which ultimately contributes to your bottom line.


His personal time is spent at the lake enjoying fishing and boating with is wife Denise and son Alex. Denise who is from Canada, became a citizen a few years ago. His son Alex, who recently graduated high school, also earned his BSA Eagle Scout Rank earlier this year. Tim loves to cookout for family and friends and is a self proclaimed BBQ pitmaster. He’s a proud native Texan and resides near the Flower Mound area of DFW.


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