Valerie Cobb

“Why do people buy?” That’s a typical question Valerie Cobb will use during a one-to-one session with sales team members and business owners. The answer? “Their reasons.” Getting to the root of buying and selling dysfunction is key to setting organizations on the path to high-performing sales.

One-on-one sessions are just one of the many ways Valerie works with teams to set up proven and repeatable processes that win. Very data informed, Valerie works process, numbers, and the human element to beat the small- to mid-size statistics of business failure. Twenty-three percent of small businesses don’t survive, because they don’t have the right team, and 19% of small businesses don’t make it as they are outcompeted.

Forty-two percent of employees are estimated to churn in between 2021 to 2023. “That,” Valerie states, “is a nightmare when it comes to managing sales.” Valerie looks at challenges and pain and then deepens the pain to reframe a new way with her clients and clients’ customers. “It doesn’t really matter what I have done, it matters what I will do to change companies and people to win. Then they have a better future. I can give a bio of my education, etc., but the better question is, what I can do for the business owners?”

Valerie’s vision is businesses have the best chance of changing lives for the better. She wants them to grow. She is a student of continuous process improvement. You will find her working out while listening to “The Challenger Sale,” “BE 2.0,” “The Connector’s Advantage” and many other books. She has a constant thirst to see people win and succeed and “feel” they are winning. She graduated with a BS in Merchandising from BYU-Provo.

Having been Director of Sales & Marketing in Tax and Accounting IT, VP of Business Development for a Healthcare and Critical Compliant Communication Middleware IT and Fulfillment firm with clients such as Citibank and Kaiser Permanente, on through Chief Sales Officer covering sales, service, marketing & new product development for a Global Heavy Equipment Manufacturing company inclusive of two successful start-ups and new product launches, she has championed sales teams to 600% increases in resurrected/turn-around IT to, recently, a 27% increase in year 2020 over 2019 in heavy equipment manufacturing, the largest increase in the company’s 40-year history. With such a diverse background, and now as owner of Lodestar U.R.Y., guiding companies to uncover their hidden revenue and becoming a salesQB, she would like to empower your sales teams, virtually or in person, to win and become sales accelerators.


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