If you answered no, you are one of the lucky few. Salespeople can be frustrating. The entire sales function is frustrating because it feels hard to control. When we are out of control is easy to get frustrated.

What’s frustrating for us is seeing business owners in an endless loop of exasperation because they’re focused on the wrong end of the problem.

Many times it goes like this. Step 1 – I’m frustrated with our sales performance. Step 2 – it must be the salespeople. Step 3 – we need to train the salespeople or higher better ones. Step 4 – step three works a little bit but not a lot. Step 5 – go back to Step 1.

To improve sales performance, focus on the what, not the who. If you focus on the salesperson first, you set yourself up for this endless loop of misery. By focusing on what needs to be done, you eliminate the many complications human beings bring to the equation and eliminate some variables. Once the controllable what variables are set, it’s easier to herd the cats….excuse me, salespeople.

If you fight the tendency to focus on the who and instead focus on the what, you will set yourself up for success. It’s hard to control other people, but it’s easy for you to control what happens in your business. The “what” can consist of how the product is marketed, pricing, the sales process, lead distribution rules, tools provided to the sales team, accountability, and dozens of other controllable factors that will move the needle more than focusing on “the who.”

If you like the concept but don’t know where to start, let’s talk.