You’re probably scratching your head right now, wondering how more leads could ruin someone’s business. Rob’s business operates a network of home repair outlets in the Northeast. They were an early adopter of a lead aggregation website  (e.g.,,, etc.)

The aggregation website provided an avalanche of leads. The sales team was elated as a typical day’s leads were 5-10 times more than they were before. To handle the influx of leads, five new sales assistants were hired. They were needed to verify information and assign leads to the right sales team member. Two new salespeople were also hired to meet with all the new prospective customers. Unfortunately, the total new business created didn’t cover the cost of the payroll added to deal with the increased leads.

It’s easy to think that more leads equal more sales and that more sales equal more profit. It’s logical and usually true. However, it can also be dangerous to think that way. More leads are not always good for business. And occasionally, even more sales aren’t always good for business.

Don’t give up on lead generation; just be careful you don’t get what you ask for. [Just know that it could be too much of a good thing?]

Have you had a similar experience?