It’s natural to assume that more leads will equal more sales. It usually does. However, more sales may not equal more profits. Transactions drive costs, and the more transactions you have, the more costs go up. If you drive low-quality transactions, you can have more sales, but you may not have additional profits. 

Companies tend to think that all leads are good leads and, therefore, more leads is always a good thing. From our experience, that’s almost never true. Leads turn into prospects. Prospects turn into customers. We’ve all heard the stories about tons of leads not turning into many prospects. That’s a lot of transactional work done in the hope of creating a prospect.

It’s not unlike mining. A good copper mine has more copper ore per ton of dirt than a poor mine. In addition, a great copper mine also contains silver and gold ore in the same dirt being mined for copper. Leads coming from that type of “mine” are what we should be looking for, not just volume. Volume is just dirt.

Do you want to stop chasing bright shiny objects or focus on the best lead generation sources? We’ve developed a process to reverse engineer the best lead sources. If you’d like to learn more, let’s talk.