Why is your sales function like a middle child? Middle children are the easy ones. They’re built to be quiet and get along. Your sales department is the same way. Just like an ignored middle child doesn’t whine to mom and dad, a neglected sales function doesn’t make noise to the business owner.

If a customer doesn’t receive an order, or an employee doesn’t receive their paycheck, there’s plenty of noise. However, you can go years paying little or no attention to the sales function and not hear a peep.

Just because the sales function isn’t a squeaky wheel doesn’t mean you can ignore it without consequence. Eventually, all that neglect adds up. Since it took a long period of neglect to create a “squeak,” it will take a long time to address the issues.

Don’t deprioritize the sales department; outsource the management of it. A fractional sales leader can make sure there’s perpetual improvement to your sales team and process.