Most business owners have had a “loser” salesperson become a rock star for another company. Maybe you have taken an average performer and turned them into a rockstar? The point is, just like football, the coach and the team matter.

Patrick Mahomes is an amazing player, but would he be the same exceptional player for a different coach? The NFL is full of examples of average quarterbacks thriving under a new coach and system or a former star being ruined by a new coach or system.

How does this apply to your business? Rather than sending your team to an expensive training program, flip your thinking. By sending the team to training, your assumption is that imparting knowledge to the team will result in better selling….and it might. However, how many NFL quarterbacks have been rejuvenated by training them to throw better? Almost none. They can throw fine, just like your sales team may be able to sell perfectly well….if the system they sell in can be improved.

It’s easy to point fingers at “bad salespeople” because responsibility for the hard work gets pushed to the salesperson. Bad sales are THEIR fault, not the company’s.

Our experience is that most sales problems are the company’s fault. More likely culprits are lack of sales process, inadequate systems, compensation plans that aren’t aligned with management goals, not enough accountability for the right things, etc.

This extensive list is much more work to pull off than writing a check to a sales trainer. You push all responsibility to the trainer and the team and can get on with your day.

There’s a better and cheaper way to boost sales – process. Tightening the bolts on the sales system a. always works because you control it, b. costs less than training, c. works immediately, and d. doesn’t walk out the door when someone quits.

Looking for some examples, let’s talk.