June 10

Bad Voicemails Installment 16

This one is short and sweet. It’s hard to imagine having a salesperson on the payroll to do this, right?

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Lessons learned from Andy Reid call

The score was 22-17. Just over a minute left in the game. 4th and less than 1. Henne lined up in shotgun. Everyone’s thinking the same thing. Hard count, try to get them to jump offsides. Run down the play clock to zero sucking as much time off the game clock as possible and then... Read more →

What’s Happening to Your MQLs?

The most effective revenue organizations have marketing and sales teams that work together. But these two functions are too often siloed—marketing drives MQLs but they fall through the cracks and don’t make it to sales, or sales doesn’t follow up on marketing’s hard-earned leads. Most often, it’s a little bit of both. So, what does... Read more →

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