Nick Foles is a Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

Let me remind you, this is the same Nick Foles who has been let go from all his other teams in the NFL.

In the past, no one had imagined that an NFL championship could be won with an average (or some would say less than average) signal caller. “To win,” they would say, “you need a Tom Brady, a Drew Brees, a Russell Wilson or a Ben Roethlisberger.”

In essence, you had to have a superstar. But this last Sunday, the Eagles, starring Nick Foles, threw that concept to the wind.

Nick Foles, as great as he has proven himself to be, is no superstar.

How in the world did the Philadelphia Eagles, without their star quarterback Carson Wentz, defeat the New England Patriots and their superstar, Tom Brady?

Plain and simple, it was all about the Process.

In December when Carson Wentz, the Eagles star quarterback, ended his season with an injury, all hope seemed lost for Philadelphia and their fans. But the Eagles team, on the other hand, made a few adjustments and a redirection and continued on the hunt to win that championship.

They saw a victory because their process was flexible and adaptable; proven and repeatable even when they are without their star performers.

The Process, you see, is more important than the Superstar.

When you think of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady comes to mind, but true football fans, and studied observers will tell you, it’s not about Brady, but the process, or the Patriot Way, that’s what has allowed the Patriots to experience so many victories.

And if you are a business owner or CEO, seeking long-lasting success within your sales management, this is the lesson to learn: it’s all about process.

The sales management process in many small businesses is unintentional and unplanned; there are many missing or overlooked parts or steps which results in mediocre and inconsistent results.

Have you ever heard these solutions to fix your sales process?

-We need better salespeople.

-We need employees that work harder and care more.

Those superstars you seek, unfortunately, have been long claimed and cost much more then you have to give them. And the notion of working harder can be dispelled quickly when you look at how many hours are already poured into your sales process.

A sales management plan, that can help you succeed with even average salespeople, is what you need. A proven and repeatable sales management process that allows you to win even against superstars like Tom Brady.

Consistent and successful results, no matter who your salespeople are or what industry you compete in, is what you will find with a proven and repeatable sales process. Unfortunately, most smaller businesses are unable to pull together the expertise, experience and resources to create this process. By focusing on finding a superstar, many small businesses, miss out on the far more useful opportunity of defining and refining their sales management process to serve them with the players they already have.

The process is more important than a superstar.

Remember last Sunday? The Eagles beat the Patriots with the average quarterback Nick Foles.

How do you see your organization building a proven and repeatable sales process?