Which stinks more, the cough or the cough syrup? Many SMBs have “the itch you can’t seem to scratch” . That is, they know they can and should be doing better in their sales department but can’t put together the right combination of tactics, people, and process to move the needle.

It’s proven that one-on-one sales coaching moves the needle on sales, up to 50% in fact. So why do so few do it? Most likely because it’s time and talent intensive. Bad coaching won’t help anyone. An occasional coaching session now and then won’t work well, either. For coaching to work, you need consistent coaching from a gifted coach.

Most SMBs have only one person with the skill to coach the sales team, the CEO or Owner. Unfortunately, the CEO has so many other responsibilities that sales coaching can never make it to the top of their list.

With no one on the team with the time and talent to consistently and effectively coach the sales team, winnable deals are lost. We suggest you try sales coaching for a few receptive team members and see if their results improve.

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