“I know in my heart of hearts we can be doing much better in the sales department.”

You don’t want to know how many business owners I’ve heard say something like this. It’s the itch owners just can’t seem to scratch. It wakes you up at night. It drives you crazy occasionally, but you just can’t seem to satisfy the itch.

There are so many levers to pull in sales and marketing that it’s overwhelming. The sales trainers tell you the problem is your people. Software companies say it’s your CRM. Recruiters say attracting better talent is the issue. Others tell you it’s sales enablement, compensation, accountability, or a dozen other possibilities. The plethora of options makes your head spin, and it feels like there’s no point trying.

Let’s simplify. You either have opportunities to grow sales, or you don’t. You are either being realistic about those opportunities, or you are daydreaming, right?

99% of the companies we see have real opportunities to grow sales. Their struggles typically involve focusing on what is the most important “lever” and taking meaningful action on it.

So how do you know which levers are the most important and which can be ignored for now? Most likely, you don’t, and you won’t. A doctor knows not to operate on their own family. Lawyers know not to represent themselves and business owners should know that diagnosing a problem with high impact, such as sales growth, is too personal to see objectively. A fresh pair of eyes is needed.

If a fresh pair of eyes could help you discover the right levers to pull, learn more about our Best Practices Audit.