“Narrow scoping” defines a problem by restating the problem as a potential solution to that problem. For instance, “we need more sales” may be the stated problem when the actual problem is “we need more profit.” More sales is one of the many options to increase profit.

The same narrow scoping occurs for the topic of lead generation. Over and over again, salespeople say, “we need more leads!” They might, in fact, need more leads. But, defining the problem as “how do we get more leads” can lead to the occasional incorrect conclusion.

In the case of “we need more leads,” the real issue is most likely “we need more sales” or “we need to increase profits.” By correctly stating the issue, a more robust set of options to solve the issue appears.

Before you run down the path of more lead generation, we encourage you to define the broader issue and look at all available options, not just lead generation.

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