In the movie The Money Pit, Tom Hanks and Shelly Long lost most of their money and sanity, pouring it into a money pit of a house. If business owners aren’t careful, the same can happen to them.

Business owners may not pour too many resources into a house. Instead, business owners can pour too many resources into a sales team.

Hands and burning money – business concept. A house with a cracking foundation isn’t worth pouring more money into, and neither is a sales function with a weak foundation. The foundation of your sales function needs to be your detailed proven and repeatable sales process.

There’s no point in training salespeople if there’s not a process to sell into. There’s no point adding technology, pipeline management, or accountability without the foundation of a solid process. You would be pouring resources into your own version of a money pit.

We have performed sales best practices audits on hundreds of businesses like yours, and 99.9% of them have foundational issues to address before improving the sales team makes sense. You wouldn’t remodel the kitchen in a house with a shaky foundation, and don’t pour resources into a sales team working without the foundational tools needed to succeed.

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