The short answer is no. We have hundreds of examples where sales have been radically improved with no additional leads. Occasionally, leads can be reduced, and sales increased.

There’s no one answer to achieving more sales vs. process shifts, but it starts with the premise that new lead sources are typically more expensive and of lesser quality than existing lead sources.

It makes sense, right? You have been working your business for a long time. Logic dictates that you found the best methods to generate leads and long ago overcame situations where you didn’t know what you were doing and missed an easy lead source.

For most businesses, more lead flow is not the most effective way to increase sales. In 95% of the cases, tightening up every aspect of the sales process produces more sales than chasing new leads.

Before you chase the pot of gold at the end of the lead generation rainbow, we’d encourage you to look at every aspect of your marketing and sales process for improvements.

Have you had an experience where fewer leads led to more sales? If you would like to see if a “fewer leads, more sales” strategy could work for you, let’s talk.