The last option is to use a fractional sales leader. Since it’s a part-time role, the costs are affordable. Since you’re hiring someone much better than a sales babysitter, you get results. However, this option has warts as well. Most businesses could use a full-time rockstar sales leader. Having one only part of the time only solves part of the problem.

Success businessman with business growing graph cloudHowever, compared to the other five options, this one is the clear winner. Most of the other options underinvest in sales leadership experience. This underinvestment has a significant cost to the organization. However, solving that talent gap by paying $350,000 to a sales rockstar isn’t an option either. Fractional sales leadership gets companies the sales talent needed at a price they can afford.

More importantly, a fractional sales leader can pick and choose their priorities and work on only the highest-value items. By picking the highest value initiatives, fractional sales leaders can deliver much more value than they cost.

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