January 19

The Dangers of Un-Advertising?

With a daughter in college, I found myself surfing something entitled “Worst College Degrees” for earning potential. If no one is managing the sales and marketing details, sometimes you end up with “Un-Advertising.” I’m sure the fine folks at Regent University wanted some contextual banner ad campaigns, so advertising in an article with “college degrees” seemed like a great fit. A site discussing college degrees may appear to be a great fit (for a computerized decision-maker). However, when your ad shows up on a site trashing college degrees, perhaps an ad for your product is not the best idea? Sometimes it is hard to see the monetization of sales management or marketing management, but when mistakes like this happen, it’s easy to see how expensive lost deals, accidents, and other negative realities can be. Beware of turning your sales department on autopilot and convincing yourself a sales team can manage or lead themselves.

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