Guest post by Bill Schoeffler

We have had many requests for a sales management checklist. The sectioned list below should help you touch all the bases.

Prospecting for Leads

❑ Lead list checked against database for duplicates

❑ Lead fits basic prospect requirements (e.g. income level, type of business, etc.)


Setting Appointment

❑ Initial contact made (phone call, email, in-person visit, etc.)

❑ Pre-qualification completed

❑ Appointment scheduled

❑ Researched prospect to determine needs

❑ Sent meeting agenda and requirements to prospect


Initial Presentation

❑ Final qualification completed – prospect is a true opportunity

❑ Prospect needs assessed

❑ Decision maker identified

❑ Purchasing process and requirements identified

❑ Next steps determined (schedule a second meeting, collect RFP requirements, etc.)


Information Collecting

❑ Prospect priorities, issues and requirements documented

❑ Competitor comparative strengths and weaknesses assessed

❑ Prospect internal advocate(s) identified

❑ Prospect internal opponent(s) identified

❑ Purchasing process documented and approved

❑ Sales team and other collaborators briefed

❑ Project funding applied for and approved



❑ Prospect contacts and/or visits industry references

❑ Proposal submitted to prospect and any requested revisions completed

❑ Contracts submitted to prospect’s legal team for approval

❑ Closing date determined



❑ Prospect objections and questions addressed

❑ Appropriate product/service type selected and accepted

❑ Customer signed contract

❑ Asked customer for permission to use as a reference or testimonial

❑ Asked customer for referrals



❑ Reported sale to sales manager

❑ Order processed and filled

❑ Sent thank-you note to customer

❑ Followed up to confirm customer satisfaction

❑ Resolved any questions or problems