No one would ever admit to this, but it’s human nature not to venture out into the unknown without reason. We are still wired to avoid the sabertoothed tiger that may be lurking. In sales, it’s always hard to know exactly what to do. Sales is a squishy, hard-to-measure area of business. It’s not black and white. Because of this, it’s inherently uncertain and causes us to take less action than we should.

No one wants to be seen as impulsive, but the best CEOs I’ve met walk the fine line between highly decisive and impulsive. It’s pretty simple; actually, most mistakes in business can be overcome. You’re not betting the company. But opportunities un-seized add up. Over time all these unseized opportunities equate to untapped potential.

The great CEOs know this and aren’t afraid of mistakes. If in doubt, they take action, not avoid it. They run the risk-reward analysis, and rather than “what if” the negative side of the equation. They make their best guess at the negative outcome, then base their decision on that. They only worry about worst-case scenarios if they are betting the company.

It’s a lot like the old adage at the end of your life. You never regret the things you’ve done. You regret the things you haven’t done. As business owners, we have the ability to get things done. Let’s seize them.