Business owners will never admit it, but many of them feel guilty for undermanaging the sales department. They simply have too many other responsibilities tugging at them every day to add one more to their list. After all, the sales department is bringing in revenue; it’s just a question of how much more they could do.

The sales function rarely tugs on your pants leg. Sure, salespeople are whiny, but you’ve learned to ignore it. You can ignore sales for years, and it feels like there’s no impact due to the lack of attention. You may be right. There may be no additional opportunities, and the best course of action is to focus on other areas of the business.

However, this “as good as it gets” philosophy turns the stomach of many business owners. The thought that it’s impossible to increase sales feels like they are giving up on their business.

So what’s the best way to avoid being sucked into the black hole of sales management while still increasing sales? Try this instead.