My apologies; I love analogies. As a lifelong business owner, this is my best attempt to explain how I feel about my business. Every day, I go to work attempting to move the business forward in some way. It’s a lot like having a big pile of dirt behind the building. Every day my team and I grab a shovel and attempt to get rid of the dirt. However, there seems to be some invisible force adding dirt to the pile after I  leave.

When I talk to consultants, they want to teach me about my pile of dirt. They tell me what kind of dirt it is, how high the pile is, the consistency of the dirt, and what kind of shovel to use.

I don’t care about any of this. What I really want is someone that knows what to do and will grab a shovel to help!

If you’ve ever felt like this, let’s talk about how fast we can shovel some of your dirt.