Never in the history of business has someone said, “Gosh, I fired them too soon.” Thousands of business owners have said, “Gosh, I should’ve fired them two years ago.”

I don’t want to talk about firing employees, but I do want to talk about wishing problems away. Why do we put up with problem employees for too long? Because we are hoping that the employee will fundamentally change who they are as a person and things will rectify. Eventually, we realize that our pipedream was just that, a pipedream, and we are forced to deal with the issue.

This dynamic applies to the sales department like this. Every business owner I’ve ever met feels in their heart of hearts that their sales should be significantly higher, and they are probably right. Yet too many of them don’t deal with the impediments keeping them from achieving this goal. It’s not that they are lazy or can’t do it; it’s that increasing sales much harder than getting more leads, whipping the sales team into shape, hiring the next rockstar, or any other quick fix.

To meaningfully add a permanent sales bump, a variety of changes must be made. Typically, these changes are time-consuming and can’t be done by the existing team. CEOs could handle this project if they quit their day job running the company, but that’s not a good plan.

Like it or not, you have two options, either live with it the way it is or get serious about seizing the sales opportunity. A fractional sales manager might be able to help. We’re happy to discuss your specific situation if it makes sense.