There’s no point pouring water into a leaky bucket, just as there’s no point pushing more leads into a leaky sales system.

Most companies start with a well-designed and tightly performing sales system. Over time, though, this finely tuned machine shakes loose a few bolts. Here are just some of the factors we see that cause sales systems to leak:  

  • Under-coached sales reps. Reps that are not consistently coached lose deals they shouldn’t lose.
  • Imperfect or missing lead scoring systems. A solid lead scoring system focuses the team on the best leads and creates incentives to generate more quality leads from the marketing team.
  • Falling behind trends. It’s an inconvenient truth, but a great system today will eventually stop working well. We see lots of companies that had a great sales machine ride it too long and then wonder why sales aren’t what they used to be.
  • Over-reliance or under-reliance on marketing technology. This is a fine line. We’ve all met that person that loves every piece of new technology and places too much emphasis on it. However, always avoiding new technological innovations can kill a sales system too.
  • Focusing on quantity of leads versus quality of leads. Weak leads don’t close; they just eat up scarce resources.

Before you stress your sales system even more, make sure it’s functioning at its best. Take the Sales Best Practices Audit to see how your sales system stacks up