If you’re like most small business CEOs who have proudly crossed over to profitability, you’re now probably focused on that dynamic product, solution or tool that will take you to your next revenue goal!

Before you spend mega time, money and resources developing the next product or solution, you may want to get laser focused on efficiencies that can generate cost savings and increased revenue – especially if it’s been a couple of years since you’ve taken a Health-Check Audit of your sales/marketing, technology, people and processes.

Are you keeping up with the “new way of doing it?”

The sales/marketing company bloodline has evolved extensively during the last 5 years. Sales used to be an art form and is now more of a science which is part of a tightly integrated operational practice that is repeatable.


Chances are over time you’ve developed a pretty good website that is periodically updated with some “marketing” management, but how much inbound activity is it producing and what’s the cost? On the flip side you have your salespeople who have loyally evolved with the growth of your company, but they’re all managing their lead generation, prospects and best sales practices individually.

You can’t change if you don’t have a New Plan

A best practices sales audit is a perfect ROI tool to benchmark your current situation for future financial benefits. Ideally, you’ll want to understand how the financial impact can be produced and measured in the areas of:

1. Lead generation efficiency/improvement – where, why, how much?

2. The sales and marketing operation – how to create a Proven Repeatable Sales Process (PRSP)

3. Technology tools – CRM, Social Medial, Software Tools

4. Sales management improvement

5. Sales rep performance improvement

The salesQB Audit is a robust custom report generated after an extensive consultation with the CEO and other corporate leaders.  The 100-page document is functionally organized and structured to highlight how your company compares to the industry best practices with actionable suggestions for improvement.  It’s a great “checkup” tool that gives you profitable plan.