We receive many inquiries regarding an outsourced sales manager. Outsourcing a sales manager can take one of two forms – 1) bringing in a temporary sales manager until a permanent replacement is found, or 2) permanently outsourcing the position. Here’s how Wikipedia defines sales outsourcing.

salesQB has created a new twist on option #2 by outsourcing a fractional sales manager instead of a full-time one. Many mid-sized companies cannot justify the expense of a full-time sales manager as their sales force may only be a handful of salespeople.

In these cases, the company must choose one of three bad options: 1) do without any sales management, 2) the business owner steps into the sales management role (at the cost of stepping out of the CEO role), or 3) a salesperson attempts to fill the role of selling sales manager (FYI, this rarely works well).

We asked ourselves, isn’t there a way for these companies to benefit from professional sales management that could also fit their budget? The answer was a program that shares a sales management pro between companies. This “ride sharing-type” approach gives smaller companies the skilled manager they need at a cost within their budget.

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