December 9

Prospect Speak

Prospects say some crazy things. Many times we hear the words the prospect speaks, but the meaning to the prospect is entirely different.

Here are a few funny examples of what the prospect actually says and what they really mean:



  • Can you send me some information: I really need to get you off the phone.  Perhaps you are stupid enough to waste $3 sending me some junk I can throw in the trash
  • May I tell him who is calling:  If you are another salesperson, I will choke you.  If you are one, at least I can make you feel 2 inches tall
  • Would you like to be transferred to voicemail: Please leave us a message so we can more easily recognize your voice to screen you out next time
  • Looks interesting, let me get back to you:  Please leave now, I have important things to do like warm up my coffee
  • Please have a seat, he will be with you in a minute: Go sit out there with the rest of the losers.  He will see you some time before 2005
  • May I ask what this is regarding: You sound like a salesperson.  If you are, I am going to dump you so fast your phone will hurt.
  • You caught me at a bad time: Please go away and never call back

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