Bad Voicemails Installment 13

Bad Voicemails Installment 13

This actually is not a bad voicemail IF you can get 45 seconds into it to hear the good part. Why not lead with, ‘I think I’m bumping into people I could refer your way, let’s talk…..BTW I’m so and so with XYZ...

Bad Voicemails Installment 12

Please enjoy the latest installment of our tribute to the tortured salespeople who leave bad voicemails. Note: we have never purchased anything from this company yet they are our “trusted source.”  

Bad Voicemails – Installment 13

We thought we’ d switch it up for this installment of bad voicemails and go with a bad email. Specifically, we will share a laughably bad phishing email. I know I’m pretty awesome, but I don’t know that Bill Gates is chasing me on LinkedIn because he...